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Whitetail Information

Folsom Point Whitetails has built a foundation of Superior Genetics through years of careful management and breeding practices. Folsom Point Whitetails is committed to the continuation of these successful and time-tested methods of breeding true Texas Typical Whitetail. Folsom Point Whitetails is an 11 year certified herd. Our breeder bucks are grandsons and great grandsons of some of the most famous Texas Typical Deer to include DR. D, Gladiator, and 2 Wide just to name a few.


At Folsom Point Whitetails we breed for squared out main beams, long tines, and our goal is always symmetry. We keep our genetic lines tight through line breeding, which involves re-introducing proven genetics already within the Doe’s lineage, thus re-enforcing those desired traits. We also acquire semen from some of the industry’s most proven A.I. Sires. Folsom Point Whitetails is very specific in our breeding practices to maintain the “Typical” in Texas Typical.


Folsom Point Whitetails has spent years studying Whitetail Deer and their specific genetic traits to achieve our goals of breeding a Superior Whitetail Deer Herd. A closer look at the science of deer breeding and the physiology of reproduction in whitetail deer is the foundation from which we operate.


Through research and practice the Folsom Point Whitetails Deer Breeding program is quickly becoming one of the best in the business.


Folsom Point Whitetails strictly adheres to all laws, rules and regulations of the State of Texas. The ranch owners and management of Folsom Point Whitetails have gained a reputation of producing superior Whitetails in a professional, ethical and humane manner.



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