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Predator Hunts

Helicopter Hog and Dog Hunts

Helicopter Hog and Dog Hunts are a favorite at the Folsom Point Ranch.  We offer half day and full day Heli-Hunts covering 40,000 acres of territory with an abundance of Hogs and Coyotes to hunt. The Folsom Point Ranch has 10,000 acres filled with Exotics and Whitetail, and has become the local coyotes favorite spot for breakfast, lunch and dinner; that is of course until the chopper is in the air, and then the hunters become the hunted. The morning of the hunt starts early, with liftoff before dawn. Each hunter is outfitted a semi-automatic AR-15 and unlimited ammunition. 


Our experienced pilots know the land under them so finding animals is no problem, but they know the air even better and will take you on a trip like nothing you have ever experienced, cruising at high speeds just feet above the ground while you hammer Hogs and Dogs all day long.


Custom Hunting packages and Corporate Events can be arranged to create an affordable yet unparalleled hunting experience for your group or company retreat.


There is no limit on how many Hogs and Dogs you can kill. This is a depredation hunt not a sport hunt. The typical pair of hunters kills around 10 to 20 Hogs and Dogs in a three-hour flight time.

Base Price is $2000 per person.


  • Two Shooters per flight for 3 hours

  • Anywhere between 20 -30 Hogs and Dogs are killed in a typical 3 hour hunt

  • An additional hour of flight is $1000

  • Fully equipped AR-15s are provided

  • Unlimited Ammo

  • Aircraft is a Robinson R44

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